jeudi 14 juillet 2016

Wall Panel UVs Houdini

Created the UVs for the modular Wall Panel. Still have one more design for this wall panel. The UVs were made in Houdini and took about 30-45 minutes to complete. Really easy to use tools in Houdini. The character and floor panels are used for reference.

 Select the geometry primitives and then create a group. Select the edges of where you want the UV Seams and then create a group.

I have a custom shelf that I use for most of my Poly Modeling. Instead of typing out the node, I just select the shelf button. It was quicker and easier to model objects this way.

This is what the UV Flatten looks like after the groups have been added. I had to create an additional group with some edges that I missed when creating the initial Edge Group.

I also use a UV Layout node to correct the proportions in the UVs. This will also add edge padding to the UVs based on a determined distance set in Padding. 

Be careful when selecting 'Correct Island Area Proportions'! This may cause your UVs to lose the necessary Texel Density needed for texturing.

For any reason you need to save the UV Image out of Houdini to bring into Photoshop. Right Mouse Button (RMB) on any of the UV nodes and select Save - Texture UV to Image.  

Then set the File path and UV size that you want to export. Reminder Houdini has limitations set for Indie and Apprentice.

I hope this helps. More to follow soon!

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