lundi 18 juillet 2016

Tiled floor in 3D Coat

I haven't created tiled textures in 3D Coat in a while. I came across this 'Intro to 3D Coat' tutorial from David Lesperance on Gumroad. He has a lot of great tutorials for sale on Gumroad. Check them out if you can.

I was going through his tutorial and learned some more stuff about 3D Coat. No matter how long you use a program, learning someone else's workflow is beneficial as an artist. Here is the 3D Coat tile before export. There is some repeating I don't like and will probably get back in there and fix that. There was a bug in 3D Coat when importing the bricks for the multi textured tile.

The bricks were sculpted in the Voxel room and the Exported to the Meshes Panel. They were then imported during the 3 x 3 textured tile process.

I converted the height map into a normal using Quixel Suite and then brought it into Houdini to render. I applied a UV Project node to a grid and then a material node right after the UV Project node.

Here it is in Houdini with a Normal and Displacement applied to a grid. No Color texture yet. That will come soon.

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